My spouse owns a business

My spouse owns a small business. I am certain it is worth more than they say, but how can I be sure?

You are right to worry about the the true value of the business. Can you be assured that your spouse’s counsel will effectively value your business or professional practice? Probably not. An under-valuation can be very costly to you. Contact Dave at 248 258 1438 and ask about effective valuation using our team of qualified advisors.

My spouse is in a professional practice partnership. How will this affect the divorce?

The court will be interested in your spouse’s portion of the value of the partnership. Keep in mind that valuation affects your future, and the financial settlement of the divorce. Contact Dave at 248 594 4999 and ask about effective valuation using our team of qualified advisors.

I am very busy and my time is limited. How will I be able to communicate in a timely fashion?

Dave Potts and his assistant Judy Downing are available to answer questions on the phone and via email. We want to accommodate your schedule as much as possible and can meet after hours if needed. Contact Dave at 248 594 4999.

I expect responsiveness. How quickly can I expect response?

Because we must often wait on input from others: opposing counsel, your spouse, the court, friend of the court, some response is beyond our control. But in matters between our office and you, expect response to be often under 24 hours, using the method of communication you prefer- phone or email. Contact Dave at 248 594 4999.

This adds stress to my already stressed life. Do you offer any support for me?

Yes we team with professionals of all types who can help during this stressful time. We will do all we can to point you in the right direction.

Neither of us owns a business. Do you help clients like me?

Yes, of course. For decades Dave Potts has counseled men and women on divorce- and reached effective settlements, settled parenting and custody issues and settled all divorce matters. Business owners and business valuation are a specialty, but we help settle divorces of all types.

I am dependent on my spouse’s income. How will I support myself during the divorce process? 

While your matter is pending, you and your spouse can agree on the payment of expenses until you come to a final and binding resolution of your matter that will result in a Judgment of Divorce. If you cannot agree, then it may become necessary to negotiate this with your current spouse or his or her attorney. If negotiations cannot reach a resolution, the judge handling your case can decide on how marital expenses, including support for a spouse and minor children, will be handled on a temporary and modifiable basis.

What will happen to my home if I move out?

This is difficult to answer in the initial consultation as the marital home is often times one of the largest assets held by the two parties. At our meeting, Dave will give you several options concerning the home, including the payment of the mortgage and possible sale of the home.

Will I have to go to court?

We do litigate divorces when required, but in most cases, divorce matters are settled out of court. We aim to help you reach your goals of fair financial settlement while keeping your relationships with your children and family intact.

How long will the divorce process take? 

If your matter does not involve children, Michigan has a two month waiting period from the time your complaint for divorce is filed until the matter can be resolved. Your matter may take longer than that for sure depending on the complexity of your case and the assets you are seeking to divide. If your matter involves children, Michigan has a six month waiting period and again it may take longer than that depending on whether or not you and your current spouse can agree on custody, support and parenting time issues. At our meeting, we will discuss your needs and goals and may be able to help you understand time frames at the first meeting. To set up the first meeting, Contact Dave at 248 594 4999.

How much will this cost me in attorney fees?

This is a question answered in the initial consultation. This is a very important aspect of any divorce case and we am sensitive to your concerns about the cost of a divorce and how the current economy will impact you. However, Dave will give you a fair estimate of the costs associated with your case and will make arrangements with you concerning a retainer fee, in writing, that will be required before starting your divorce case.

How much is the first consultation?

Dave Potts will meet with you at the first meeting at no charge. The first meeting is critical to help you understand the process, define goals and develop a strategy for moving ahead.

Is everything we discuss in the initial consultation confidential? 

Absolutely. Even though we do not charge for an initial consultation, Dave Potts still has an attorney-client relationship with you and cannot reveal any of your information.


Dave Potts works to provide you with a true valuation of your spouse’s business. Would you like to set up the appointment? Contact Dave at 248 594 4999.

Considering divorce? Call Dave… before your spouse does.